Friday, January 2, 2015

Top 10 Restaurants of 2014

Everyone seems to have their Top (insert number) (insert subject) of (insert year) these days, so I figured, lets jump on that bandwagon and start my own. Here is my Top 10 Restaurants that we ate at in 2014.

10. Gary's Barbecue - China Grove, NC

A traditional BBQ joint. The pork was cook perfectly, and the sauce topped it off just how real BBQ should be.

9. Virgil's Real Barbecue - Atlantis, Bahamas

For a tourist destination BBQ restaurant, I was blown away with how good their food actually was.

8. Yard House - Greenville, SC

We went in for the beer, and left craving their food (the s'mores brownie mostly) more.

7. City Smoke - Charlotte, NC

I can't call it BBQ, because I didn't see a single smoke ring on anything, but the food was still really good. Make sure to ask for the Scooby Snacks.

6. Red Bone Alley - Florence, SC

One of the best "random finds" we've ever stumbled upon, but won't be the last time we venture to this indoor-outside style restaurant.

5. Another Broken Egg Cafe - Charleston, SC

I always say, "It's hard to mess up breakfast, but when it's good, it's good." I can't wait for Greenville's Another Broken Egg Cafe to open up.

4. Thumbs Up Diner - Atlanta, GA

See above, but lets talk Hot-lanta. If you spend the night, don't go to Wa-Ho (Waffle House) that you can find ... literally ... ok not LITERALLY ... on every single corner. Take a little drive to Thumbs Up Diner and get a real breakfast.

3. The Smoking Pig - Pendleton, SC

One of the best BBQ joints in the Upstate. I just hate that we have to travel to my most hated place on Earth to eat their. Maybe they'll deliver ... an hour away.

2. MESA - Atlantis, Bahamas

Top 5 New York Strip ... 'nuff said.

1. Memphis Barbecue Co. - Dunwoody, GA 

Lifetime supply of pork rinds for $4 (I feel like I could stop there), pork rinds for your appetizer basket, delicious cornbread, amazing mac & cheese and baked beans, mouth watering pulled pork, brisket that will knock your socks off, and PERFECTLY COOKED deliciously amazing ribs. Stop looking at my blog and plan your trip to Dunwoody, GA now (ok, don't stop looking, I like the hits).

Happy New Year everyone. I will never be able to say it enough ... THANK YOU for taking the time to check out my site.

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