Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tavern 24

Tavern 24 is a new restaurant on Woodruff Rd in the old Fatz building. Which is fitting, since they're an affiliate of Fatz. Since they're a brother sister company, of course the comparisons have to be made. Tavern 24 is actually a lot like Fatz. If you gave Fatz more and bigger TVs, live music, and much better food, then they would be exactly the same. (If you missed that. I just said Fatz is horrible and Tavern 24 is really good with a cool atmosphere.)

In the 2 times we've gone the burgers, sandwiches and pizzas have been awesome, and our friends raved about the calamari they got. I don't eat that junk, so we'll all just have to take their word for it.

The service has been good each of the two times we've gone, and the prices are right along the same line as Fatz.

If you want more information or to see their menu or directions check out Tavern 24's website.

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