Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hitting 2013 Running

2013 is already shaping up to be a full year. As I mentioned previously. I'll be helping out with my first BBQ Comp in April. Dawn and I will be getting married on May 11th and then going on our Honeymoon. Obviously, I won't be able to cook anything during that time, but I'll come back with some food reviews from wherever we end up staying. Don't worry, with Dawn going. I'll have the camera every second of every day.
Once we return, I'll have 2 weeks to get everything finished up for my first big Kickoff to Summer cook. I hope this is something that I can turn into a yearly event. This year I'm inviting a select number of friends and family that's shown interest in my cooking and blog. I'll do some pulled pork and maybe even ribs. A family friend of mine used to do a large community BBQ for YEARS, so that idea is what I'm trying to get going.

After that, is the greatest time of the year. See, people always say that Christmas is "the most wonderful time of the year." It's a lie. The greatest time of the year is July. It's mine and our countries birthdays. Seriously, what could be better? (NO Jesus' bday isn't ACTUALLY Dec 25th, so don't even try to respond with that. It's a long story, but that's not the actual date. It's just the date it's celebrated.)

I've already bought a package that allows me to post more photos, but I'm also going to work to create a new blog design. It'll stay in most of the same format, but as I plan to grow this blog. I want it to be more of my own than some plan ol' template.

Now for the good stuff that's going to help the blog and all of you. To grow One Nine 3 a bit further. I'm going to continue with the cooks and reviews, but I'm going to add another feature post. I'm leaning towards it being on a biweekly Monday schedule, but I will be doing an opinion style post. I haven't come up with a fancy name for it yet, but it'll be a post highlighting different tools, rubs, meats, woods, smokers and other outdoor cooking STUFF. It'll go from the very basic of things to the more expensive high end items. I think it'll be something interesting, and I hope it's something y'all will leave your thoughts on as well.

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