Friday, February 8, 2013

5 Valentine Gifts For Your Man

It may be too late to order for Valentine's day, but it's not too late to order for March 14th (that man's version of Valentine's ... if you haven't heard about it you should Google it. Warning: it's for adults). 

So, you're sitting there trying to find that last item to get that special cooker in your life and have no clue what to get. I put together a list of 5 simple/inexpensive items that will put a smile on anyone's face. 

1. Team Spatula - From the NFL to MLB to the Collegiate level sports, you can find all types of cooking instruments with your favorite team on them. One of my favorite is my South Carolina Gamecock spatula, and who can go wrong with an additional bottle opener on the end? 

You can find this spatula are

2. Rubs - If you've seen me rave about how great our steaks have been recently. The Rub Company's Santa Maria Style rub deserves all of the credit (for the flavor. I deserve all the credit for cooking them perfectly, GO ME). If you want to make your cooker happy, buy them some that will make their tummy jump for joy ... and something you get to enjoy as well. 

Pick up an individual bottle or a sample pack on their online store.

3. Meat Thermometer - Whether you're a rookie or a pro, you don't want to kill anyone. A meat thermometer is a great way to make sure your friends and family get their meal exactly how they want it. If you're Qing, a thermometer is great to help calculate cook time as you're going. The thermometer pictured below has 2 separate probes, one for meat and one for air/cooking temp (I love it). It's a Maverick ET73.

There's a huge range of thermometers from classic to digital to laser. You can look on Amazon to find whichever you like most. 

4. Apron - If you've ever been working with meat and it slid and you had to catch it with your stomach, or if you've injected food and the injection found a secret passage through the meat and catapulted through the air directly onto your shirt, you know that you need an apron. 

You can get an apron anywhere, but what's better than an apron with bacon on it? has a full line of mens aprons with a little twist of humor.

5. Cutting Boards - No, you don't have to get anyone a pig cutting board, but it sure is funny. As important as a great knife is, a cutting board is as equally important. The worse thing you could ever do is go out and buy a nice, fancy, expensive knife and then take it to a glass cutting board. Every time someone uses a glass cutting board ... a little soft kitten dies. 

Wood is the way to go, and no it doesn't hold bacteria, and if you like this little piggy cutting board you can pick it up Paula Deen's Large Pig Cutting Board from QVC. 

Hopefully I've helped a few of you out, and if you have no loved one to buy for ... I can send you my address. 

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