Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tom's BBQ

Tom's BBQ is located in a little strip mall on the corner of Woodruff Rd and Garlington Rd (Opposite side from Lowes). 

When you first pull into the parking lot, you can't help but notice their smoker that's sitting in one of the parking spaces smoking away. I can say, there is no more welcoming smell when going to a BBQ joint, than the smell of pork smoking away. 

As you walk in you can't help but notice the back home theme/feel. If it was any other type of restaurant I'd probably say it was outdated, but when it comes to real BBQ, the atmosphere works just fine. Not to scare anyone away, when I say outdated I only mean they have older (better) NASCAR driver cut outs, Cheerwine drink fridge (absolutely no complaints here), and swing door cafe style trash cans ... again, nothing wrong at all. It's just a more ... simple place to eat. Your perfect example of "don't judge a book by it's cover." 

We've been to Tom's 3-4 times now, and every time we've gone it's been delicious. As usual, Dawn always tries to mix it up, but no matter what she orders she loves it (and I do too when I get my sample). I tend to stick to the pulled pork, since we're usually on a deadline, so I haven't been able to try their ribs yet. Each and every time I've gotten their pork it's been amazing and juicy. 

Tom's is a BBQ restaurant that lets the meat do all the talking. I'm not sure what rubs/injections they use, but I can tell they do more enhancing than flavoring. It's not a bland flavorless pork that they want you to completely cover in sauces before you're able to eat it. 

Speaking of sauces, Tom's has a TON of them (probably around 5-6) ... and I've tried nearly them all. They're a vinegar based sauce place, but they have plenty that are thick so it doesn't just run all over the place. If you make it by, you HAVE TO try the Cheerwine sauce. It's one of the best BBQ sauces I've ever had ... 

The major facts, in my opinion, that make or break a BBQ joint are their pulled pork, ribs, and sides. Tom's has really good fries, and some of the best mac'n'cheese I've had in a restaurant. Dawn love their hush puppies, but they have onions all in them so I'll pass. 

For more information, go check out their website here.

I had Dawn proof read this post, and now we're going to Tom's for lunch ... come join us.

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