Friday, February 1, 2013

Tools of the Trade: Latex Gloves

This week's special is one that I don't know I could do with out now. When cooking with raw meats, cleanliness is extremely important so you need to wash your hands every 5 seconds to keep from contaminating everything. However, if you use Latex Gloves, you can just toss the glove and go on with your business. 

No, you don't HAVE to use latex. You can use rubber or anything else, but unless you have a latex allergy this is probably going to be the easiest, cheapest way to go. 

Without gloves you'll have to unpack your meat, wash your hands, (can't let anything jump over to the other knives) grab a knife, wash your hands (just kidding here), trim your meat, wash your hands, (can't get messy hands all over the bottle for the next time) add rub, wash your hands, (can't get gew all over the door knob) carry your food out to the grill, wash your hands again. 

Do you really want to go wrist deep into a raw chicken cavity? 

Now, using latex gloves you can simply toss the gloves as they get dirty, and then throw on another when the time comes. If you're covered is pork guts and need to add rub. Pull one glove off, grab the bottle of rub and go to town while using the other hand that's still covered to rub it on. Once you're done, take the other glove off  and you're done (I usually wash here just in case). When it's time to take the food to cook, put on a new set of gloves and go to work. I'll normally take one glove off to open the door to go back in, using the other hand to carry the cutting board or whatever I'm using. Once everything is put away, toss the gloves and wash up one more time just in case.

Washing your hands once or twice instead of 5 to 10 times a cook will save your hands and a ton of time. 

I mean, doesn't this look a LOT better?

No more chicken gunk all over the place. 

Heck, you can even use the latex gloves for the wienies that are scared the hot wings will burn their fingers. 

You can pick up a box of gloves from your local Walmart, Target, or Pharmacy, but if you need a specific size, they're on Amazon starting out around $9 for a box of 100. 

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