Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jack Daniels Kicked My @** Again Tonight


With it being Basketball season, I'm gone 3 nights a week, and more times than not, I have 6 games on Saturday. To say time at home is slim or that I'm tired the rest of the time ... is an understatement. Therefore, I'm not able to really put a lot of thought towards cooks for ThrowDowns on The Brethren. Although I always keep an eye on the forum to see what everyone else is doing. 

Well, since the season is winding down, I figured it was time to get back into the action. I had my eye on thread for the theme of "Musical Food". I had no clue what I would do, or even what anyone else would do, because I couldn't figure out how you could make food make music (although when I eat delicious food I hear angels singing in my head).

After a few entries I realized that instead of making the food make music, it was actually about food related to music ... DUH!

I still had no clue if I'd have a chance to make an entry for this TD, and then it hit me like a Batman punch on the old TV show ... POW!!! I can use Eric Church's song Jack Daniels as my theme and do a Jack Daniels inspired dish ... perfect. 

Or is it? Nope, not perfect enough. After a day or so discussing, Dawn and I decided that we wouldn't be making a Jack Daniels inspired dish, we were going to make a Jack Daniels inspired MEAL!!!!!!!!

It started with the Flank Steak. We picked up this pack of 2 from Sam's and threw the other in a bag and put it in the freezer for a rainy day. 

The other we let marinate in our smoked salt and pepper and Jack Daniels ... wait ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

It's ok ... we have back up (excuse the roughness, we were also in the middle of cleaning house).

As the Flank Steak marinated in the fridge (and after we cleaned the house) it was on to the Jack Daniels and bacon brownies (yes, you just read that correctly ... however, you can go back and reread it if you'd like, I won't blame you)

As I was cooking the bacon Dawn started pealing the sweet potatoes for the Jack Daniels and Pecan Mashed Sweet Potatoes. 

This is bacon ... it's delicious. If you've never had bacon ... stop reading my blog.

Once the bacon is finished and cooked, we broke it up and added it to the brownie mix. Just a little tidbit about me, and why we do brownies in muffin trays. The greatest part of a brownie is the edges. After Dawn made me brownies for the first time and I expressed how much I LOOOOOOOOVE the corner pieces. She surprised me the next time by making brownie "muffins" so "every piece would be a corner piece." And you wonder why I'm marrying her ... 

It's time for the main event. I have to be honest, this was my first time cooking flank steak, so I wasn't sure how to cook it. I had to be THAT GUY, and watch a couple of videos on Youtube. It seemed like everyone was saying to cook around 450 for 4 minutes a side and it'd come out medium rare. We tend to like ours a little closer to medium, so I had the temperature closer to 475-500 and cooked it just a bit longer than 4 minutes each.  

If this doesn't make you want to do the Tim The Tool Man Taylor grunt then I don't know what will.

I pulled the steak and let it rest while Dawn started the sauce. It's a mix of Jack Daniels, butter and whirshirshisrisirishirer sauce.

One of the perks of getting married is getting to register. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond and they had some kind of deal that if you registered for a certain amount of Calphalon product you receive a free knife ... you don't have to tell me twice. It came in the mail a few weeks ago, but we made sure to save it for a special occasion. I don't know a better time than a return to the TDs.

The steak came out a little pinker than I normally like, but it was delicious. The simple marinade we did really just enhanced the beef flavor, but the sauce gave it that extra kick and you could really get the Jack Daniels flavor with it. 

It's a good thing that the alcohol evaporates during cooking, because I might have been drunk for weeks if it didn't. 

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