Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bucky's BBQ Cooking Class

A friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook the other day with a Groupon deal for a 3 hour cooking class at Bucky's BBQ. Ironically, after he sent me that message, I had 3-4 others send me texts or messages asking if I had heard about it and was interested in doing it. 

The class is supposed to give you the basics on how to prepare and smoke meats. It's also supposed to teach how to make basic rubs and sauces. Which is why I agreed to pick it up, and even got Dawn to go in and do it too (she's going to be my note taker ssshhhhhh). 

I haven't found any information on this class, other than the Groupon they had for it.

I've booked the class on March 4th with Dawn, Chris, Luke, Josh, Jimmy, and another of Jimmy's friends, so we're going to pack the place out. I will definitely return with how it went, and maybe sneak in a picture or two as well. 

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