Monday, March 25, 2013

"1st Annual Hub City Hog Fest" - Spartanburg, SC

This past weekend was the 1st BBQ competition in Spartanburg. I have a buddy that competed along with a coworker of my brother in laws, so we decided to go check it out, and say hey to some folks. 

For a first time competition they had a pretty good turn out. There was about 30-40 teams and a decent little crowd with the live music they had going on. There were a few things they could have improved on, but hey, it's their first time. 

We got there and met up with Jamie and Brandon of Berry Patch BBQ. This is the team I'll be helping with in April, so I walked around the site with Jamie and talked about how they have their set up and all, while Dawn and Brandon sat in the warmth of the trailer watching Death Race 3. 

After we hung out there for a little while, I wanted to tour the event and see if I recognized anyone and meet my bil's coworker. We got over to Big Red's Barbecue and met up with Josh, who's an awesome guy, and spoke with him for a solid 15-20 minutes. Just remember those two names, because he might be becoming a big shot soon. You heard it here first ... 

As I mentioned, I'll be helping Berry Patch in April, but Josh also extended an invitation to help him out with Big Red's, so I might be doing a few other competitions this season ... after the wedding. 

I was hoping to get back out there on Saturday, if for nothing else, to see the awards banquet, but we had a few errands to run before our wedding shower that night. 

While we were out I checked Facebook and found out that Jame and Brandon not only won 1st place in Ribs, but they won their first ever Grand Championship. 

Congrats to Berry Patch BBQ!!!!!

To follow these two teams, like their Facebook pages at Big Reds Barbecue and Berry Patch BBQ

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