Monday, March 4, 2013

Pizza Fatty

Yes, this is another crazy food idea of mine. Yes, this is thanks to the Brethren. Yes, this is for another Throwdown. No, I had no clue how this would actually work or turn out.

I know I know, this looks like a pizza and we just did pizza a week or so ago. However, it's not just a pizza, it's a Pizza Fatty. 

Now, I understand you're not all Brethren, so you might not understand what a fatty is, so I'll give you a brief explanation. A fatty is basically taking a thin "layer" of meat and stacking your toppings/goodies on top of it. Then, you roll it all up and cook it. Once you finish the cook and slice it, you have a log of deliciousness. 

I've had this idea in my mind for a while, but ever since day 1 the part that has worried me is, how will the dough that gets rolled up on the inside cook? 

Since I had a feeling this would be a bit of a tough cook. We cheated and just picked up some Pillsbury Thin Crust pizza dough (I thought the thin would be better and easier to cook on the inside). 

Dawn did her thing and put down a thin layer of sauce and seasoning.

Then we added on the goodies.

The rolling up process ended up being a 2 person job, so we weren't able to get any pictures of it. Anyway, we rolled it up and put it on a cookie sheet. Dawn wanted to make it look all fancy like, so she sprinkled some Parmesan and Mozzarella on top. 

I wasn't exactly sure how to cook it with the dough rolled up inside itself, so I did 20-25 minutes around 360 with some foil tented over the top to give it time to cook without cooking the outside. Then I took the foil off and did another 10ish minutes with it around 400 so the outside would then cook. The bottom was dark, but not burnt. I think if I would have left it on for another minute it would have been burnt, so I got lucky and pulled it at the perfect time.

I also put it in the middle of my 4 burner grill and turn the 2 middle burners all the way down as low as it'd go and adjusted my temperature with the outside burners to try to cook the bottom as slowly as possible. 

The inside didn't turn out how I had it envisioned (I was thinking the dough on the inside would plump up a little as well, and you'd be able to clearly see the layers). You can still see the layers, but you can't see a heavy separation from the dough like I thought you would. I guess a mix of the dough being really thin, and the sauce made it moist and not really puff up. 

To turn a crazy idea into something that actually worked was a blast ... to have that crazy idea turn into something that tasted so good, just made the fight of a cook, all that worth it. 

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