Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bucky's BBQ Cooking Class - 100th Post

I was at work a few weeks ago, and a friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook. It was a link to a Groupon for a beginners BBQ cooking class at Bucky's BBQ.

I've never eaten at Bucky's before, so I really didn't even know if they had decent Q or not, but was interested in what the class might be. I talked it over with Dawn, and she said she'd like to join too. So me, her, and friends of mine Jimmy, Josh, and Chris all attended the class.

Now, I don't consider myself a beginner, but I wouldn't call myself a pro either, so I thought it could be something worth the time and money. Plus, it said in the text that it'd go over how to make rubs and sauces from scratch, and that has been peaking my interest as of late.

We get there, most of us are are time (I'm looking at you Mr. 5 minutes late), and they have tables set up for everyone with tin foil, latex gloves, bowls, whisk, thermometers, and a notebook. The notebook is more for you to look at once you get home. The class itself, is hands on and not note taking.

The class starts by making your own rub and applying it to whichever piece of meat you're given. The students are set up in 2's, so one person gets a piece of chicken and the other a pork tenderloin.

Once everyone has their meat ready, he takes you out back to his smoke room. The smoke room has their 2 commercial sized smokers, and a few backyard style smokers. He explains the difference in the smokers and also different types of coal/wood/heat sources you can cook with.

As everyone's meat is cooking away, the class then turns to basic food prep. Wayne shows you how to trim fat off of food, and how to remove the membrane of ribs. Throughout the night, he brings out different types of Q and allows the students to study and, most importantly, taste it to have a better understanding of what you're really doing while you're smoking the food.

Just before the food is done in the smoker, everyone mixes up their sauce and gets ready to pig out (no pun intended).

At the end of the 3 hour class, he leaves a little room for Q&A. Our class seemed to have a few people in there before that had done some smoking, so the Q&A was about 2 questions ... either the people knew what they were doing, or they were too full to ask questions.

If you're in the Greenville area, and have ever been interested in BBQ, I would HIGHLY recommend this class. There's a difference in someone telling you how to do something, and someone teaching you out to do something. Wayne, teaches you how to get started in the BBQ world, and for $50-$100 for a 3 hour class. It's worth every penny.

He mentioned doing more advanced classes in the future, and if he does, I/we will be there.

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