Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bullet Bill's First Cook

There's no point in having a new toy if you can't play with it. We thought since we haven't had smoked Pork Chops in a while, that it'd be a good way to break in Bullet Bill. 

I pulled out my copy of Smokin' With Myron Mixon, and flipped to the Sausage Stuffed Pork Chops. We also do a little twist to his recipe. He calls for pork sausage, but we use spicy turkey sausage. It's a little healthy, and the spicy gives it a little extra kick ... nothing major though.

I cut the fat side of the chops all the way to the bone, and filled in the sausage closing the wholes with some toothpicks. I then covered the chops with Big Poppa Smokers' "Money" rub. 

We also, decided to smoke some potatoes to go with the chops. While I was working on the meat, Dawn poked and coated the potatoes with butter and 3 Beer rub. If you haven't tried to the 3 Beer rub, you should. I don't use it for a lot of meats, but it's a great rub/seasoning for fries or ... smoked potatoes. 

Thanks to 2013 bringing more rain than we've had in 20 years, I had to break Bullet Bill in on the front porch under cover. 

Myron says to cook at 300 for an hour and then 10 more minutes once you sauce, but since I couldn't get any air flow, I had to cook at 275. I flipped the first time after 30 minutes, but let it sit for a good 40, before I added sauce and flipped again. I probably cooked them for another 15-20 minutes giving the overall cook time around 130. 

The potatoes are supposed to smoke at 300 for an hour and 15 minutes. 

Bullet Bill reminded us just how great smoked pork chops could be. These things were juicy and delicious. The potatoes, however, were still a little hard. They could have went on 15 minutes or so earlier, and I think they would have been on point then. Even though they were a little hard, the 3 Beer rub made the skins amazing. 

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