Thursday, July 11, 2013

Movie Review: RED 2

If you saw and enjoyed RED, you'll love RED 2. From the get go Marvin is up to "the world is out to get me" old self, until tragically, the world catches up and actually gets him. Ok, so maybe he's pretending.

A huge story-line is built when Miranda Wood (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones) shows up and lays a big honking kiss on Frank (Bruce Willis) and his girlfriend Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker) is standing there to see the doozy it puts Frank in.

Victoria (Helen Mirren) is ordered to kill Frank, but her old ties to the group forces her to side with her friends over her country and teams up with them to find a portable nuclear device that was created in the 1970s (maybe the 80s).

Like RED, the sequel is action packed with some "experienced" great actors and actresses. This reminds you of how great Hollywood used to be when they were able to build a tremendous story with the perfect amount of action and even a few chuckles along the way ... did I just say chuckles? Geez.

I'm one of those people that try to figure out plots or "find out who done it" before it's revealed, and I'm normally pretty good at it. Well, as RED 2 states on more than one occasion ... "I didn't see that coming."

This might not be the big mega blockbuster of the Summer, but it's a great movie for sure.

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