Monday, July 8, 2013

The Newest Member Of The Family

I woke up Wednesday (my bday) to a video from my, about to turn, 3 year old niece singing me happy birthday. She even made sure to include the "you look like a monkey, and you smell like one too" ending. With that type of a start, it was promised to be an amazing day. 

Minus last year, for obvious reasons, I never work on my Bday. Some people say I'm weird and it's "just another day", but it's not just another day. It's the anniversary of when I was born. If it wasn't for that day I wouldn't be on this Earth to wake up and go to work, cook BBQ, drink beer, and to hang out with my wife and friends. You don't have to celebrate the number if you don't want, but I think everyone should take 1 day a year to celebrate being alive ... it's more than some can do. 

Ok, so back to the important stuff ... MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Dawn didn't take the day off (she knew I'd be in front of the TV in my gameroom/Man Cave playing PS all day), so she tortured me by having to wait and open presents once she got home. 

Once she got home, I had to stay in the bedroom (no, it's not one of THOSE presents) while she got everything set up. As soon as I walked in I noticed MY brand new WSM (Weber Smokey Mountain) lid sitting in floor. There were a few things in the way, but that was the present I was hoping for. 

Pictured, but wrapped, is a new wooden cutting board, grilling cook book, meatball tray, and a sappy lovey dovey card. 

Since I got Jessica, we haven't been able to "dinner" cooks. She's just too big to get up to temp and a lot of work just for an hour smoke for dinner. I told her I needed a smaller smoker, so we can do quick little cooks like that, and she actually agreed. 

I decided to go with the WSM, because I hear so many great things about them and how easy they are to work with and well they hold temp. I was originally looking at the 22.5 model, but once I saw on in person I knew that would be a little bigger than what I really wanted. 

I decided to stick with the smaller 18.5 model, and it's PERFECT.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you ... Bullet Bill. 


  1. I bought my first "bomb" type smoker 40 years ago. Simple, easy, and great results!

  2. I own the same. Perfect smoker.

  3. You are a married man. Who is "Jessica"?

    Lol - did you name your smoker?