Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Habanero Death Dust and The Rub Co. HOT WINGS

Due to a huge following on The Brethren I decided to purchase some Habanero Death Dust, and for Christmas Dawn bought me some of The Rub Co. Hot Wing Rub. I've been dying to try them both out, so I thought why not for the Gamecocks Capital One Bowl game.

I started with a single bag of naked chicken wings, and split it in half. For the first half, I placed them in a container with 1/4 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a little over 1/4 HDD and let them sit for 2 days.

About an hour before I threw them on the grill I added another coat of HDD and rubbed other half with the Hot Wing Rub. The only issue I have with The Rub Co.'s rub is how easily it fills the air. Just opening the container makes the rub turn the whole area into a dust bowl. This needs to be done over the oer with the fan on full blast if you don't want to choke for 10 minutes.

After Alshon Jeffery caught a 51 yard Hail Mary pass to take the lead going into halftime. I fired up the grill and the wings went on. Deciding to shoot for the "worst" first. I dug into the HDD (by dug into I mean ate one). I must say, these things were GOOOOOOOOOD. Some of the best flavored rub I've had ... oh yeah ... and they lit me on FIRE!!!!!

The Rub Co's Hot Wings were also very very good. They definitely didn't have the kick the HDD did, but enough spice to taste it.

Both rubs pass the test with flying colors ... HDD will just be used in extreme moderation.

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