Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mr. Bambi's Big Balls Subs

(Disclaimer: No testicles were harmed during the making of this meal)

As I posted earlier, the idea of this came from the Almighty Meatball Throwdown on the BBQ Brethren. A friend of ours made the comment about how he had so much Venison meat from a recent hunting trip, so I texted Dawn and asked if it'd be possible to make deer meat meatballs. Once she found time in her oh so busy day to respond and say yes ... the deer meatball sub came to life. That night she found an actual venison meatball recipe that included ............ BACON!!!!!! Since bacon makes everything better, I decided that would be what we went with.

Before the meat made it to our house I cooked up a full pack of bacon (a few pieces may not have made it to the meatballs).

Once the meat arrived it was go time. The recipe calls for 1 pound, but I wanted to go big so we doubled everything.

While the guys made the meatballs, Dawn made some homemade marinara sauce.

We made 26 jumbo balls with the doubled recipe.

I used my grill pans hoping it'd keep the balls from sticking so much (with the help of Pam). For the most part it worked.

And they're ready to eat.

The subs assembled and about to go in the oven to melt together.

The finished product (note the pen in the background for a size comparison). These were by far the greatest meatball subs I've ever eaten in my life.

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