Sunday, January 15, 2012

If a Pig, Chicken, and Apple Had a Baby ...

It'd be Myron Mixon's Apple and Bacon stuffed Chicken. We're out grabbing a few last ingredients for dinner tonight with my sister, he'd hubby, and their little girl.

I started out by making Myron's "Basic Chicken Rub"

Precooked bacon and diced Yellow Delicious Apples.

As you can see with the closest chicken I cut the pocket on top instead of on the side (the other 3 are correct). I made the the correct cuts on the other 3 by going down the fat side about 3-4inches and cutting approx 3 inches deep, filled the inside with apple and bacon mix, and closed with toothpicks.

The chicken has been prepped and is in the smoker. Its now time to play with the niece. (Updates not as often as I expected. Time ran up on me real quick with all the prep)

The chicken cooked in the smoker for an hour at around 300 degrees. The instructions are to spray with AJ every 15 minutes. I sprayed the first 2 15 marks, but didn't the last time ... and I should have. The skin came out a little tough. Still great, but a little tough.

The chicken went with twice baked potatoes, and both were delicious. The skin was tougher than I'd liked, but the inside was juicy and amazing.

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